Science Workshops

Our aim through the science workshops is to stimulate the children’s curiosity and enhance their confidence in their learning capacity. We want to prepare the children to enter school and continue their formal education when the chance will be given. Depending on the level of the previous education and the age of the children, the content and depth of these workshops differ. with topics such as Space, history, electricity, big inventions, the seasons etc…, we guide the children through three stages for self learning: How to find the information, how to use it and how to express it in different ways.

Through the material given during the science sessions, the children have the opportunity to experiment, learn fundamental knowldge and have fun.

Art is always part of the learning process involved in those workshops. After getting the new information through short movies, games, books, research or discussion, the children create a piece of art with it. To help them process the material better and express it in their own creative way through Crafts, painting, collage, Songs, puppetry etc..

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