Health & Psycho-Social Care


Although we do not offer therapy, we  do make a psycho-social evaluation of each child that is involved in our center. The social workers fill those evaluations and work on constantly updating them in collaboration with the different caretakers who make workshops in the center.  Therefore, we can better identify and support the children in most distress and need for special support.

We also regularly visit the families in their homes, especially when some children exhibit troubled behaviors. Depending on the needs and receptiveness of the families, we inform them about our observations and discuss with them the situation of their child. When needed we refer the children or other members of the family to NGO’s offering mentel health support.

Furthermore, the visits help us to always improve and sharpen our approach. It gives us indeed a better understanding of the environment surrounding the children and their families.

To support our care takers and workshop facilitators, we have weekly meetings with the whole team where we discuss the situation of our beneficiaries and the hardest cases among the children, in order to suggest the right tips and behaviors to adopt when team members are faced with challenging situations. This way we assure a better care for our beneficiaries and protection to our team.

Our Social workers make monthly group circles where they discuss with the children on different social and health issues e.g. Hygiene, relationships, mutual aid etc… Those interventions are usually followed by item distribution and related activities.

We also offer training for mothers about parenting skills and coping strategies, where we show ( through videos and scientific research) how the effect of war and negative parenting styles can harm the healthy development of their children. It is information they don’t usually have access to and they are often very surprised and thankful for acquiring it. We offer them alternatives through a structured training, where a big focus is also given to self care and the learning of effective coping strategies.

Through these sessions the mothers also get access to a space where they can meet and safely talk about their stress and difficulties. It is the only moment in their daily routines, that they can take for themselves.


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