Visual Arts


The art workshops we offer at the center, aim to bring the children into an experimental journey through their senses, their thoughts and the many different ways they can explore them and express them.  Through drawing, painting, sculpting, modeling, animation and wall paintings the children enjoy all the possibilities that art  offers them and get to see which ones they feel most drawn to use.

The workshops also offer them the possibility to create projects from scratch with their peers and watch them come to life. This process of imagining something and going through all the steps to realize it, gives the children the confidence, that they have the power to make things happen, but also shows them the work behind it and limits to face.

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Recycling material

In many art classes, we use recycling material. Apart from being environmental friendly, it stimulates the creativity of the children and empowers them to create things even when they don’t have material at hand.

This approach was very successful so far! The children starting taking initiative in creating objects they needed outside the center on their own time and constantly found alternatives when faced with creative limits.

Furthermore it teaches them important values about reusing instead of wasting. It helps integrating a “transformation” mentality, where anything ugly or any desperate situation can be transformed into something useful, enjoyable or simply beautiful.


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