Andrea Zarif

Founder and director


Andrea studied Psychology and Dance therapy in Canada and France. She created the center in January 2014 after 5 months of assessment and planning. In addition to constructing and putting in place the different programs, fundraising, building the team and fostering external relationships for the center (with partners, the local community, supporters and volunteers), Andrea’s smile, complicity and empowering attitude with the children and other adults and team members brings an undeniable halo of love, positive energy and creativity at the center.  She also facilitates the capoeira workshops with the children.

Andrea believes that real change can only occur by focusing on the details of how services are offered, combined with a stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere for the people working for it. For this to be possible, all actions should be kept on a small scale. It is only by adding all those little projects together that we can get a meaningful, colorful bigger picture.

Miray Bakhash

Social Worker


Miray Studied Sociology and Social Work in Aleppo. At the center she is responsible for keeping the files of the children, organizing the family visits and mediating with the facilitators when children are having difficult behaviors.

Miray has very soft and smooth skills with the most difficult children, she always manages to build a trust relationship with them that contributes in transforming their general well being and attitude towards their workshops.

Dima Najjar

Literacy and parenting Skills


Dima studied Psychological Counselling in Aleppo. She teaches the first steps towards literacy to the youngest children at the center. She also facilitates the training given to women. Dima has a unique approach with the young ones, she invents songs and stories that bring them into transposing the new learned letters into a wonderful world of their own.

“In Syria, I use to dream of opening my own center where I can get as close as possible to my ideology of work. Here, I have found that place “a Syrian dream” is also my dream.” Dima

Mahmoud Hamwi

Art facilitator


Mahmoud is an art graduate from Aleppo that is specialized in sculpting. Mahmoud facilitates some art workshops with the children in the center. He helps them make 3D models of creatures and ideas they bring out of their imaginations.

“Mahmoud’s main objective and motivation is to bring the children to have beautiful inspiring objects of their own (the children dont have many things and to create some for themselves is magical). Mahmoud wants to make the children go home happy and satisfied” Majd when talking about Mahmoud.

Majd Souleyman

Art facilitator


Majd is an art graduate from Aleppo, he is specialized in Drawing and painting. Majd facilitates some art workshops at the center.

“I dont work for the children, I work with the children. We inspire each other and explore different projects, we have an exchange relationship. They make me richer as an artist and I help them discover the artist inside of them.” Majd

Warda Hmaidi

Science and interactive theater facilitator


Warda has already been a teacher for 13 years in Syria. She is also passionate about interactive learning, and theater. This is exactly what she offers at the center, a mix of those tools to teach common knowledge subjects and basic scientific knowledge to the children.

When Warda enters her workshop room she gets melted within the children and it becomes impossible to distinguish her from them. Her workshops are so much fun and she definitely enjoys them as much as the children do.

Kayssar Abuzr

Arabic and music facilitator


Kayssar studied Arabic literature and music in Raqua/Syria.  His passion for the arabic language and music is communicated very clearly in his workshops with the children.

He mixes both passions in an ingenious and very creative manner that goes in perfect line with the ideologies and the mission of the center.

Senturk Kemiksiz

Turkish language facilitator


Senturk is a chemical engineer who studied in Ankara. Senturk’s real passions are cultures, discoveries and creativity. He gives Turkish classes to the children in the context of a cultural exchange program, where the goal is to teach Turkish while setting a creative space where the two parties will build positive memories together, build a project together and understand each other’s cultures better.

Senturk is so dedicated to this workshop and its mission, he spends his time trying to figure out where Arabic and Turkish languages meet. He has a long list of the similarities between the two languages and always uses them in his class with the children. Senturk also works on the city with the precision of an architect that will actually build the project in real life.

Greta Kading

English teacher to the team and general assistant

P1090984 (2)

Greta is Australian, she studied ecology and has many years of experience in child care. She gives weekly English classes to our team. Greta also assists in other administrative activities at the center. She is helping us create and build the new library .

Greta is a smiling character, always willing to bake a delicious cake or prepare a nice present for someones birthday 😉

Georges Nadra

Maintenance and musician


Georges makes sure that the center is always warm and welcoming. He keeps the storage room in order and control, buys the weekly needs and takes care of the well functioning of the building and heating.

Georges is also a talented Keyboard player and singer. He often sings with the children and teaches them how to discover their voice.

“When I arrive to the center in the morning, as soon as I open the door I can feel if Georges is not here that day” Dima about Georges presence.


Cleaning the center


Tulay cleans the center twice a week. Her smile and caring attitude always bring an extra cover of warmth and well being into our daily lives.

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