Context & Mission

With over 1.6 million Syrian refugees currently residing in Turkey, the highest number of them stays in the southern cities of Adana, Hatay, Osmaniye, and Gaziantep. The latest assessments carried out by the Turkish government showed that three quarters of those urban refugees were job seekers and only 14% of the children among them, between the ages of 6 and 11, attended school (1). It is indeed much easier for children to find work than it is for their parents!

The lack of proper social assistance and the rudimentary conditions under which these families are, make it even harder for them to overcome the traumas and pressures inflicted on them by war and their current lives in displacement. People are in urgent need for support and psychological care for them to start building a better future and bring hope back to their lives.

“A Beautiful state of mind, a safe and warm haven, where people can gain hope in times of despair”

A Syrian Dream is an education and psycho-social support center for the most vulnerable Syrian Refugees that live in Antakya/Hatay. We are located on the edge of the mountains where many of these families have gathered since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Operating since January 2014,  A Syrian Dream offers a safe space where people from the community can meet, learn, express themselves and feel supported. We put a big focus of our action on education and child protection. Many children describe A Syrian Dream like the beginning of hope in their lives since the war has started and they have become refugees.

Adults and children, members of this community are eager to learn, laugh and feel loved. But above all they need hope.

We believe that very simple things such as a personal assistance and listening ears can have drastic effects on people’s lives.

On this blog, we want to share with you the stories of our daily work. We believe that by focusing on the beauty of people and positive stories we can create a network of hope that will inspire more people to act in creating change where it’s needed.


Klick here to meet our team.


One Comment on “Context & Mission

  1. It`s so beautiful to see this growing. It makes me happy that the work is going on in such a valued and friendly, loving atmosphere. I am proud to know this project. And the work you are doing looks wonderful… thank you all!
    I Hope to join it once more. Thank you for this impressions… and thanks to the people who makes it … thanks to the children…
    best wishes and love Ilka

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