“Çok Güzel!” – Learning Turkish and building a city

“Günaydın!” – 25 Kids yelling good morning at Senturk! He smiles, proud of what his pupils had already learned. Senturk is one of the newest members of the team at the center – and so far the first turkish one. He came to Antakya with a group of young people, that went on a bike ride through Europe, raising awareness for the conflict in Syria. After he arrived here and got to know the center, he and a couple of others decided to stay and volunteer.

Now he is contributing by giving Turkish classes for the kids and doing a project, where they create a city. In order to make their way in their new environment in Turkey, it’s crucial for them to get to know the language in order to be able to communicate with young locals. Furthermore they can support their parents in daily tasks, that have it much harder to learn a new language.

Learning the Turkish Alphabet

Learning the Turkish Alphabet

But also for the kids its not an easy thing to do. Apart from learning a new language, they also have to learn a totally new alphabet and a different style of writing. Considering that, it makes Senturk even more proud, watching his pupils evolve and get better every day.

Building a city project

To put the turkish lessons in a productive, interactive and entertaining environment, there is an additional project they partake in, where they build a city together. Furthermore this approach creates an environment of cultural exchange. We created and planned the activities of our workshops consisting of activities of role plays about life in a city, craft works in order to built a miniature city and interactive language games.

“Çok teşekkürler, Senturk!”

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