Second exhibition at A Syrian Dream

On the 14th and 15th of March we had the opening of our latest exhibition where the children and care takers showed some of their favorite projects and inventions of the past four months at  A Syrian Dream.

Paintings, hand crafts, sculptures, singing and poetry performances were all on the menu.

The two days were magical at the center, every one was happy and very proud of his implication in the “Dream”. The parents and families visiting the exhibition were filled with hope for a future where there are still possibilities to build new opportunities and hold on to beautiful things.

The exhibition was showed in the old garage of the house where we are currently located. It communicates directly to the neighborhood and a very close by Turkish school. Turkish Passengers, children and the teachers of this school were all thrilled about this event and expressed their desire to collaborate on future projects with our center and those Syrian children.

You can visit the exhibition through this video


And watch some of the action and joy by clicking on these photos


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Daily dose of laugh

Making Lego constructions and laughing about the stories that come out of them.


Interactive learning and theater with Warda



Monday mornings workshop. Warda is playing a little game with the children before starting her “food and health” workshop.

One of the children has to show a movement or an emotion, then the whole group starts running around until warda says stop!

They freeze in the character proposed by their friend.


They are energized and well centered, now they will start learning about food and its impact on health and development. After a discussion and presentation about fried foods, their impact on health and other choices at hand, the children will role play multiple situations where they have to present through short scenes the different outcomes of their choices.

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Pyramid of love


The children posing with Majd after a workshop 🙂

Lights for the Show!

Creating our very own lights to illuminate our exhibition room…

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Dinosaur Puppet Theatre

Creating Dinosaur puppets and small presentations after a workshop on the age of Dinosaurs


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“Çok Güzel!” – Learning Turkish and building a city

“Günaydın!” – 25 Kids yelling good morning at Senturk! He smiles, proud of what his pupils had already learned. Senturk is one of the newest members of the team at the center – and so far the first turkish one. He came to Antakya with a group of young people, that went on a bike ride through Europe, raising awareness for the conflict in Syria. After he arrived here and got to know the center, he and a couple of others decided to stay and volunteer.

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A tree to welcome you

130 “Love is the most precious thing we have to offer”